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Kiawah River Stables


We offer top-of-the-line professional training for both you and your horse. Our expert trainers will enhance your skills and bring out the best in you and your horse. Emily Hertz Chadwell has decades of experience riding and training at the highest levels of competition in the hunters, jumpers and equitation. She also has a solid background in dressage, which she incorporates into all aspects of her training. Emily has a detailed and methodical approach, a strong emphasis on good horsemanship and firmly believes in creating a willing partnership with your horse. Her students excel at all levels and she has a knack for getting horses (and their riders) performing to the best of their abilities. Emily works individually with clients to meet their specific riding goals and offers private, semi-private and group lessons as well as training rides for your horse.

Training packages are available at a discount and highly recommended, as they ensure a consistent training schedule that will help meet your competitive goals and produce the best performance from you and your horse. Please contact us for more information on pricing and ask about our new student discounts!